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Chagim Nehalim Marketing LTD. (Modan) is Israel′s largest producer, importer, distributor and exporter of outdoor & camping gear equipment, stationary and back to school goods.

With over 30 years experience, Modan had succeeded to place its products in one line with the world′s leading names, while being recognized for its innovation and combination of fun, comfort and fresh design.

Modan bags are sold worldwide under EXPLORE and MODAN brands′ in addition to OEM lines mostly for the professional..
The bags under Modan brand carry the complete range of characters by Marvel, Disney, etc. and include first grades bags (fully ergonomic bags) and several types of kindergarten bags and trolleys.

Explore bags are designed for teens and include some unique features & patents such as the 2 in 1 bags, the reversible bags, music center bags and many more.

We′ve been able to compete with the biggest names in the world due to low cost, excellent quality and up-to-date fashion designs that are modified for each market needs specifically. The company owns a modern, well-equipped factory, which allows us to offer unique solutions in rapid response time, avoid delays and offer competitive price.
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