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1 Феникс+ 5747.52
2 Рельеф-Центр 5602.03
3 ХАТБЕР-М (Hatber) 4156.40
4 ERICH KRAUSE 3878.75
5 Сервис Торг 2789.27
6 Группа компаний "Самсон" 2493.70
7 Компания «Форум» 2267.21
9 Акварель (Новокузнецк) - сеть магазинов 2030.30
10 Скрепка Экспо Проект 1692.70
11 Фабер-Кастелл Анадолу (FABER-CASTELL) 1560.30
12 Группа компаний MPM 1545.72
13 MERLION 1465.78
14 Компания "БиДжи" (BG) 1406.11
15 Группа Товарищей 1327.33
16 ФАРМ 1211.01
17 Канц-Эксмо 1094.26
18 Канцбюро 1060.05
19 Канцелярское Дело 950.34
20 GRIZZLY (Гризли) 892.70
ИП Абулгазинов М.К.
1 просмотров 319
ИП Митряхина
1 просмотров 337
ООО Аквамарин
Иркутск, Смоленщина
1 просмотров 332
ИП Шамшутдинова Л.П.
1 просмотров 193
2013 г

Messe Frankfurt and Skrepka Expo join forces to give Russian office and stationery market one platform for further growth Skrepka Expo and Paperworld Russia to take place under one roof as “Skrepka Expo powered by Paperworld”

Messe Frankfurt is expanding its position in Russia by cooperating with Russian office products and stationery exhibition organizer Skrepka Expo Project. The two companies have agreed to hold their trade fairs, Skrepka Expo and Paperworld Russia, jointly under the name ‘Skrepka Expo powered by Paperworld’. The first edition of the jointly organized trade fair for the Russian office supplies and stationery market will take place at the Crocus Expo Center in Moscow from 11 to 13 March 2014.

"By collaborating with Skrepka Expo, Messe Frankfurt is not only strengthening its position and expanding its engagement in Russia, which we intensified with the establishment of Paperworld Russia
in 2011. Together with our international sales network, we are joining forces with Skrepka Expo because, only by combining the strengths of both companies, can we offer the Russian market the professional business platform it needs - with access to leading international manufacturers and distributors", says Stephan Kurzawski, Senior Vice President of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition.

The cooperation between these two strong exhibition brands will bear initial fruit this year when a Paperworld Russia Pavilion enriches the fall edition of Skrepka Expo in September with numerous international exhibitors. The cooperation between Skrepka Expo and Paperworld offers exhibitors excellent access to the market and the prospect of new sales opportunities. "Since the first Skrepka Expo back in 2003, our primary objective has always been to provide the Russian OP and stationery market with a first-rate communication platform to ensure and efficient flow of information through the various channels of distribution. Created by market players for market players, Skrepka Expo gives manufacturers, distributors and resellers the essential basis for successful business. Now, through the newly established alliance with one of the world leading exhibition organizers, Messe Frankfurt, we expect ‘Skrepka Expo powered by Paperworld’ to become not only the leading local exhibition but also one of the bigger office products and stationery shows in Central Asia, Eastern and Central Europe”, says Leonid Spiridonov, Head of the Skrepka Expo Exhibition Committee. 

Together, the two trade fairs reflect the dynamic office and stationery market and cover all product groups, e.g. office and school supplies, quality stationery products, gift items and also artists and craft supplies. Even more exhibitors are expected at the forthcoming autumn event, as well as at the first jointly organized trade fair in the spring of 2014.


The Russian market for office supplies and stationery products promises healthy growth and strong demand for a trade fair in this sector. In 2011, it was worth US $ 3.23 billion, a figure that is expected to grow by 5 percent a year until 2015. In recent years, the range of products offered has increased significantly - which indicates a further potential for growth. About 50 percent of the products in the Russian market are imported – brand awareness, quality, price and the manufacturing country are crucial criteria in the purchase decision. In particular, Russia imports high-quality office supplies with complex manufacturing technology from Europe and the USA. These market conditions also offer good development opportunities for international exhibitors taking part in ‘Skrepka Expo powered by Paperworld’.


About Skrepka Expo:

Organized with the support of the Association of Producers and Suppliers of Writing and Office equipment (APKOR) in cooperation with “Crocus Expo” International Exhibition Centre, Skrepka Expo exhibition is Russia’s most important stationery event and b2b arena for professionals from the stationery and related industries, such as arts & crafts, hobbies, office supplies and souvenir goods. The target audience has been forming since 2004 and continues to grow. More than 300 companies from Russia and foreign countries make presentations on over 12,000 m² of exhibition space (gross) and 10,000 potential clients visit the exhibition ground during the 3-day event. Skrepka Expo gives companies an opportunity to present their products and maintain their leading positions in the market with minimum costs and maximum results. According to the exhibitor and visitor poll, Skrepka Expo is the most important project in the stationery and office-supplies sector, showing the latest market achievements and perspectives, innovations, up-to-the-minute trends and new products, and providing the ideal setting for exchanging information and ideas with related industries.


About Paperworld:
With a total of 5 events around the globe, Paperworld is the leading trade fair brand in the office supplies and stationery industry worldwide. Starting with Paperworld in Frankfurt as the leading international trade fair for the entire paper, office supplies and stationery sector, the Paperworld brand is now established around the world. Every year, the events organized in Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow and Shanghai offer manufacturers, distributors and retailers optimal trading platforms and access to new business contacts in the relevant world market regions – all characterised by the familiar Paperworld standards and excellent Messe Frankfurt services. Paperworld 2013 in Frankfurt attracted
1,800 exhibitors from 64 countries who presented their latest products to 45,360 visitors from all over the world.


You will find further information and high-resolution photographs on the internet at:



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