Hamilton Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
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3, Kaiser I Hind Building, Ballard Estate, Mumbai, India


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Hamilton Group, one of the oldest player within organized plastic Industry. Started in 1972, as a small unit producing Plastic Household products which has grown today in to Brand Name that has a USD 80 Million Corporation tag to its name and has incredible equity with Millions of Happy Customers in India & in more than 50 countries including USA, Germany, Australia, Far East & Middle East Countries etc.

Hamilton has ventured in to Writing Instruments Business 5..
years Ago, is today leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium Plastic Ball Pens from India under brand name ″CLARO″. The Company has state of the Art manufacturing facility to manufacture every component on world′s best microprocessor machines and pass through systematized quality control system at every stage of production. We currently manufacture more than 1 Million Pens a day. Our In-House Design and Creative team gives the best of the customized design and packaging as per your market requirement.
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